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Dolphins Driven is back!


8 avril 2019

Dolphins Driven reopened last week, ready for another great season! This year we have some news…
We have dedicated ourselves further to research and have created even more special tours for you!

Dolphins & Caves - identical to what it has always been, a great tour that brings together the best of both worlds! With an onboard nature guide prepare yourself for an interesting and magnificent tour along our beautiful coastline, followed by the search for the fascinating Dolphins!

Wild Dolphin Experience - Dolphin Watching - where we sail in the open sea to discover these fantastic animals! With a marine biologist or a nature guide on board, you'll be able to learn more about these animals, and can assist in collecting data for our # 4theSea research project!

Benagil Cave - is a more relaxed tour, along the coastline where we dedicate ourselves to the observation of some of the most beautiful rock formations of the Algarve, with special attention to the Benagil Cave, also called "Algar de Benagil"!

Join us and feel like you're part of this great family!