Dolphins and Coastline

Dolphins and Coastline

Moments for a lifetime - Coastline

Dolphins and Coastline



Terms & Conditions

  • Dolphin sightings are not guaranteed as they are wild animals.
  • Swimming is subject to sea conditions.
Check-in & Cancellations
  • Check-in up to 30 minutes before departure time.
  • Free cancelation up to 24h before the activity.


Get on board the new catamaran and discover the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve and breath-taking rock formations, at approximately 10 nautical miles (approx. 18.5 Km) from Albufeira to the lighthouse Alfanzina. Once here, the catamaran heads to deeper waters in search and observation of dolphins.

We believe that observing the behaviour of dolphins in their natural habitat is an experience that will thrill you.

The most common species sighted are the common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. However, the waters of the Algarve coastline are teeming with life and sightings of anything from the small and shy Boto to the formidable and majestic whale Orca are possible. On this trip we have a resident marine biologist, which gives you the opportunity to learn more about these magnificent sea creatures that inhabit and cross our coast as well as the particular characteristics of each species and its habitat's.

Our Commitment


Because we care about the environment and the preservation of nature, we're committed to show our customers all the beauty of our coast without harming, or anyhow endangering, the respective ecosystems.


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